Seeking God’s Approval: Trust & Hope

Greetings. Welcome to my post. How is it going when it comes to trusting God? Can you trust Him with yourself and find hope that God will make a way for you? Or in your Christian walk, have you found trusting God to be something in which you have to earn his favor by showing Him that you are a good Christian? Is this working?

For example, let’s say you are going through a difficult time and your hope is very low. Your low hope results in you feeling defeated and depressed as you recognize that God is not there for you. So let me ask you to consider some of these areas: Losing a job or promotion; Losing your health after being diagnosed with a lift threatening illness; Losing a family member or your best friend; Having someone you trusted betray you or abandon you; Having to bury a dream that you had counted on for years; Disappointing yourself or others too many times.

As you know, it is easier to trust God when life is going well. But when it is not going well, it is much more difficult. And when we all go through some difficult time, hope and trust can go out the window. Maybe you can identify with the above list as these circumstances in life have caused you to become downhearted or to stop trusting God sensing God’s goodness is not coming at this time. As a result, you do lose hope.
So to really trust God with your whole heart really means to have hope in God. To really take off your mask and confess your challenges, your circumstances, your feelings and pain means to say to God and to others what really is affecting you and how having hope at this time is not working. Instead of just you and God trying to figure out why you are going through a difficult time, maybe it is all about trusting God’s heart and intentions that He is for you and does want to be with you. Far too often, we seek his hand and not his heart. We find hope in what he can do with his hands to supply our need but in the end, what we really need is Him and His heart to care for you and make a way for you. You need His Being and not just hand and what he can do.

But the same can also be true when it comes to trusting others. You will not have hope in your life if you hide or put on a mask trying to fix yourself or your problems. If you do not confess your faults one to another and share with another person exactly what you personally are going through, than you will conclude that hope is only possible based upon what you can do and not based upon trusting others with who you are. To take off your mask, means to confess and find hope in God and in others to really support you and ease your way. To trust is to hope and when you have hope you can know that God and others are there for you.

How is that going? What is giving you hope these days? Can you trust God and others with who you really are and find hope in there care and presence with you? When was the last time you took off your mask and let someone help and care for you?